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Christmas is a very happy time

Everybody knows, that Christmas
Is a very happy time,
Snowflakes are playing with us
Giving us a chance to smile.

Santa Claus is coming over,
Bringing gifts and smell of sweets,
He’s a good old fellow rover,
Perfect friend for little kids.

My dear friend

My dear friend, amazing Christmas day
Has come to us, it is on our way.
I have a wish for you this winter time –
To get a dollar you should keep a dime,

Be healthy, happy, lucky, always smile,
Sometimes to understand it takes a while –
Believe your friends, and help them when you can,
Cuz only friendship makes us happy, man.

My dear girl

I’m glad I have a friend like you,
I wish you dreams just to come true,
I want to see your happy face,
I’ll go with you to any place.

My dear girl. My lovely friend,
Our ties will never come to end,
I want this Christmas bring some fun,
And let your deals all be done.

I wish your Christmas to be bright

I wish your Christmas to be bright,
And covered up with shining light.
I hope your dreams will all come true,
Wish many lucky days to you.

And let this winter bring you love
That would be blessed from high above,
I wish you awesome Christmas day,
And all your fears to go away.

This Christmas miracle tonight

You help me when I need your help,
And you explain to watch my steps,
You are a special one for me,
My dear friend, you have to see

This Christmas miracle tonight,
You are my friend, you are my light.
Please, don’t you ever disappear,
And stay with me forever here.

Our friendship is a gift

Our friendship is a gift,
Keep it carefully forever,
When we met – is was a shift
In my life, so let’s together

Celebrate this Christmas now,
Sing and smile today, tomorrow.
Let’s be having real fun,
And forget about sorrow.

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